HSAs as a retirement vehicle

Helping your employees save for retirement can seem daunting, especially when you factor in everyday costs plus the health care they will need. The burden of health care before and during retirement weighs heavily on employers and individuals alike — but there are ways to reduce the costs. As an employer, you can help your employees save for their future health care by offering a health savings account (HSA).

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What's inside

Our report articulates the value of HSAs and how they can serve as a retirement savings vehicle. With this resource you’ll get:

  • A comprehensive breakdown of common health care costs in retirement. Understand what modern retirement really looks like for your employees.
  • Insights into how distributions, investments, and more can affect the balance of an HSA.
  • An explanation on the triple-tax advantage that HSAs provide accountholders.

Key insights

$1 million could potentially be saved by individuals in their HSA, depending on certain variables.

20% of the population, typically those in the retirement stage of life or those with chronic conditions, account for 80% of total health care spending.

61% of health care services are covered by Medicare for beneficiaries aged 65 and older, while out-of-pocket spending is around 12% and private insurance is 18%.

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